New Year New Me?

So you’re probably thinking the same thing right?

There are endless amount of posts online about weight loss, exercise routines and people moaning about 2016 and how 2017 is the year to “put themselves first”

I’ve taken a different approach this year, I tried that last year and it just didn’t work for me… I’m taking a page out of an old book and trying to find the old me

2012/13 was the time, care free and enjoying life so rather than worrying about dieting and the gym I’ve decided to worry less!! At the end of the day you really do only live once

Here is my top tips to making the most out of 2017

  • Stop caring what people think
  • If you want that extra slice of pizza or 3 have it
  • If you have the choice to go to the gym or wine with your girls – pick the wine!
  • create life memories, enjoy every moment
  • stop worrying about buying a flat and all the adult stuff, there is plenty of time
  • go to the gym to enjoy it not to punish yourself
  • find a job you enjoy not one that everyone thinks you should have
  • If you have an ambition to do something then do it, travel, get that tattoo, quit your job – whatever makes you happy.
  • Avoid negative people

at the end of the day only YOU are going to remember your memories and live your life so enjoy it whilst you can. Its true what they say when you’re gone no one is going to remember you for that last email you sent and when you’re old you wont be thinking about that time you went to the gym Thursday night instead of seeing your best friend…


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