Cream of Dreams

If I could count the amount of hours wasted drooling over different girls accounts I think I would be horrified…

If you are anything like me you see glamorous girls online with perfect hair and perfect skin and think to yourself – I can barely afford to get my eyebrows waxed regularly or be bothered to take my make up off before bed…

Here are some of my realities:

  • Spots, yes I get them and we have a love hate relationship (ask my boyfriend)
  • Dry skin and I mean horrible patches that make people look at me with disgust
  • Sensitive skin and I mean sensitive, I can’t use make up wipes and most foundations burn
  • I’m not made of money/don’t have the energy to spend hours on my face

But here is my game changer


This cream has changed my life. Hemp Face Protector/hero/lover

It is around £8 from The Body Shop but is often in the sale (I didn’t tell you that). It doesn’t smell fancy and it doesn’t look glam but it is the first and only cream that has ever sorted my face out… no more dry patches, no more spots, no more blotches and more. I really can’t shout about this enough… I’ve got all the girls at work on it and even my Grandad!

It gives me the skin to achieve the even foundation look that I want without breaking the bank. A girl in Selfridges London working at Clinique recommended it a few years ago and If I could see her now I would give her the biggest hug!

If my skin is super dry I will use it more than twice a day, if I’m doing well then just at night or 10 minutes before make up.

My next secret tip is bin the make up wipes and use baby wipes… a hell of a lot cheaper and they are MUCH kinder to my skin, I always get Huggies or Pampers for sensitive skin

I hope this changes your life like it did mine – if you have any doubts just read the reviews online – honestly!!

Cat x


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