A Christmas Party Like No Other…

When I think of Office Christmas Party I think of:

  • Cheap night out (not in a good way)
  • Set menu containing some kind of chicken (normally dry and plain)
  • Cheap wine
  • People who can’t handle their drink
  • People who aren’t normally allowed out (normally married men) who get very excited and therefore also get very drunk

But my work this year have completely changed that and for anyone who is looking for a night out for an office party, hen party/stag, birthday party, any kind of celebration or just likes food and wine then I could not recommend this any higher!!

For our Christmas party this year we went to the Underground London Cookery School in Old Street and I’m going to be honest when we were told that our big surprise was cooking our own dinner I was a bit gutted.

Once we arrived there any doubts quickly left our minds. When you first walk in you are greeted with amazing canapés and prosecco whilst everyone puts on their aprons and washes their hands. We all thought it would be one free glass… let me tell you my friends that this is unlimited prosecco or beer or wine or cider and they keep pouring ❤

You then get split into teams where you are all given a task to do. One team for the starter, one the main and one the dessert. Once you have finished you move around so each team gets to do each task. My highlight was making fresh pasta – so much fun!! And once you’ve all had a few drinks it becomes such a laugh, it is seriously funny.

The whole team there were amazing and as my friends know after a few I think I’m a comedian, I talk even more and even louder and I’m just an irritant but the chefs managed to deal with me so well done them


Once you have finished you continue to drink as the food cooks and then you all sit down to eat your creations together and oh my gosh it was the BEST meal I have ever had. Imagine the biggest, crispiest, tastiest roast potatoes you have ever had and then times it by 10.

Luckily they post all of their recipes on the website so I am very soon going to remake the dinner for my family and friends – yay!

As a team we created so many memories at this party, we had a lot of fun and there were no arguments, drama or anyone too drunk that they were overly silly! It was the best work party I have been to by far 🙂

I would love to know if anyone decides to go – let me know how you get on!

Visit their website here: undergroundcookeryschool.com

Cat x






One thought on “A Christmas Party Like No Other…

  1. M says:

    We remember your group well Cat, and a huge pleasure it was to host this party for you.
    Hope to see you again, you’ll aways be welcome xx


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