Health and Fitness – My Frustrations

Feeling swamped with how to get fit this year and what you should or shouldn’t be eating?

Yeah me too and gosh its a slippery slope.

I feel like I am writing a lot at the moment and I’m scared I’ll run out of things to say but I doubt that’s possible 😉 This is a topic that’s been bothering me for a long time for personal reasons which is for another day but I really wanted to share these points as the world literally drives me MAD

  • If you go to the gym and do 20 minutes or 3 hours – it doesn’t matter you still went so don’t let people bring you down
  • If you skip a day you aren’t going to die
  • Chocolate doesn’t kill you
  • CARDIO IS CARDIO OMG – this drives me INSANE. Stop telling me my workout is stupid I need to have shakes and do weights – leave me alone at least I am doing something
  • Do something you enjoy, don’t go to the gym and hate it because you feel you have to. Sometimes I go and do a 4k run and then spinning because I LOVE CARDIO
  • If you don’t want to go to the gym… don’t??
  • If  you want take away… have it. Oh and don’t try and make up for it another way like I’ll eat that now, then run, then won’t eat for a few days (I am a repeated offender of this and it is not healthy my friends)
  • Having a healthy soul is equally as important as a healthy body
  • Just because someone makes a YouTube video of their workout routine and vegan diet it doesn’t make them any better than you or mean they are living life anymore ‘right’

My food choices, exercise routines and life decisions aren’t always the best so I will never preach to copy what I do – you have to find what works for you as every single person is different.

Thanks for listening to my rant

Cat x


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