Food Glorious Food

On Sunday me and my boyfriend took a lovely trip out for a late lunch/dinner and it made me think how underrated this restaurant is. It’s a place me and my girls love to go for a catch up, me and my family for a little treat and even me and my boyfriend when he’s feeling generous…

When I started my new job last year the amount of people who didn’t know about this place shocked me, their confusion blew my mind.

Can you guess what this place is called? These reasons why I love it so much may help:

  • Low cost
  • Variety of meals
  • Simple, no fancy weird stuff
  • Amazing deserts
  • Located all over the country
  • Quick Service
  • Unlimited drinks and not just the standard, you can pick whatever your heart desires. I had Pepsi Max – STRAWBERRY!?!!?
  • I’ve saved the best till last… UNLIMITED SALAD BAR…

Yes you guessed it. It’s the Harvester.

I mean even if you don’t like their menu that salad bar is enough to make anyone go. DELISH!

And if you’re a fussy eater like me hehehehe you can get their tapas style starters and get a few little bits and salad YUUUUM

seriously, if you haven’t gone go now. If you have gone and love it share the love and if you’ve gone and for whatever reason not liked it, you must have gone to the wrong one


Cat xx

P.S here is a photo of me, not at the Harvester but I had just eaten one yum yum



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