Beauty bag additions ❤

One thing I seriously love is make up, although:

  • I’m not very good at it
  • I don’t really have the money for it
  • I’m too lazy most days to use it properly

But when I have anxiety about something in my life getting some new make up always cheers me up and takes away the stress for a minute at least…

After reading a few blogs this month I got some inexpensive products and some more expensive ones that I would love to share with you guys!

  1. Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette
  2. Bobbi Brown – Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink
  3. Collection – Primed & Ready
  4. Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer
  5. Maybelline – Lash Sensational luscious
  6.  Maybelline – 11 Matte White – Master Ink

So I bought more this month than I anticipated but the most expensive item (palette) was a gift from my boyfriend – Spoilt B*tch hehe

Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette

I have never used a palette properly before, I only had one mini mac one which I used pretty much one colour and that was it.

But I honestly found this palette so easy to use, the guide inside was so simple and the first day using it I received so many compliments – even the man who served me in Subway ha! Plus it smells so yummy.

I would recommend this to anyone, you can create such beautiful looks simply and for once when using eye shadow I don’t look I’ve been punched in the face!!


Bobbi Brown  – Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

This so far seems good, I used to have a mac eyeliner which I loved and after watching @BelleJordens latest video on eyeliner it convinced me to purchase one! The reason I bought Bobbi Brown was pretty much as it was the only counter in House of Fraser to have someone on it! The girl was lovely so that helped. I’ve got a propper cheap rubbish brush for it at the moment so its not looking as I had hoped but next payday I will get a better one!


Collection – Concealer and Powder 

I bought these are they are super cheap and loads of bloggers were complimenting them. The powder I found okay… it didn’t blow my mind though. I wouldn’t purchase it again, I much prefer my mac one!

The concealer is AMAZING. I have found it so so much better that my Naked Skin from Urban Decay… it actually covers up so well and lasts.

Unfortunately I think I react but that’s my skin problem not Collection’s 😦


Maybelline – Lash Sensational luscious and White Eyeliner

The mascara blew my mind – it is so good. I used this and Better Than Sex and oh my lord – I have never been so proud of my eyelashes!! This I couldn’t recommend enough!!! so excited eeeeekkk.

The eyeliner not so much… I only bought this as it was buy one get one half price so it was only around £2. I don’t like the way the brush is like a sponge… I’ll be getting NYX next time 😉


I hope this helped ma girls! (and you enjoyed it)

Cat xx



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