Why I hate social media…

It’s not new information; I hate social media. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Take your birthday off Facebook and see who remembers
  • Delete all social media for a week and see how many of  your 1,000 friends message you
  • Sorry, I didn’t realise you were a professional photographer, model or life coach
  • Crazy girls. Say no more.

I spend hours looking through other girls photos, thinking how perfect they look and how they have their life all sorted out and I’m just a mess.

They get 102 likes, I get 11 on a good day -they must be more attractive than me or have more friends than me

You might be reading this and think weirdo – why do you care so much? Yeah that is a question I ask myself everyday, but I do care.

On Facebook at the moment there is a huge movement on being more open about anxiety etc and I feel like it’s becoming some kind of fashion statement. I don’t claim to have any illness but I do get this awful feeling- something I would describe as an anxiety attack, if it fits the definition or not I don’t know.

The reason I get it? Self confidence – I don’t even know what that is anymore.

Which is why I find social media such a fucker. There is nothing worse than when you’re having a bad day, your skin has broken out, all your friends are busy, you’ve had an argument with your family or your boyfriend and you go on dreaded social media. What do you see? Thousands of people living their beautiful lives that you can’t compete with, your friends out having a good time and you weren’t invited.

It makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong – you probably aren’t.

When you go out, this false reality is created, beautiful photos of the best night out you have ever had and likes pour in from people you have never heard of

What is the point? Why do we like photos of people we wouldn’t even say hi to in the street?

Just  because you clicked add friend, doesn’t mean we actually are… I’m sure if you saw me in the gym you’d pretend not to notice. We are all guilty of it.

I understand why social media is good, don’t get me wrong. I get to talk to close family friends in America which I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise and keep up to date with friends who I might not speak to if it wasn’t for Facebook.

For the most of the time it just makes me a jealous crazy obsessed bitch.

But where did you find this post? Instagram probably…

Cat x






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