Kayla Itsines (BBG)

Yes, you’ve seen her; beautiful, tanned, living in Australia and smashing the fitness world! I have completed BBG1 once fully and completed 50% of it twice or three times now… I’m going to let you know what I thought and why I keep stopping – let me know if it helps!

I’m going to start off by saying I am no expert – I have never had any training (I even avoided P.E at school)

I started going to the gym in 2014 and had NO idea what I was doing and to be honest I was so unfit it didn’t matter, just getting there was an achievement.

I used to use the treadmill, bike, stepper and then do a plank or two and call it a day – in my defence this worked and I lost the first bit of weight I wanted to and I really improved my cardio fitness.

Once I started to get fitter and stronger I became curious about what else I could be doing at the gym I was completely thrown and the fear kicked in!

That is when I found BBG and my love for it; here are some of the reasons I found it useful:

  • It’s simple, there isn’t anything too complicated
  • It gives you a variety of workouts to avoid you getting bored
  • The rounds are only 30 minutes long
  • It gives you a full body workout
  • It teaches you different workouts you can do at the gym at home
  • It gave me confidence to use the gym
  • It is super fun!!

I really think it is down to personal taste, if you currently lift weights and enjoy that then the likelihood is this might not be up your street.

However; if you’re like me, new to the gym or looking for a change in your workout then this is perfect! I couldn’t afford a personal trainer and this really helped me start to shape my body.

One thing I will say is I’ve had to take a break from it, not because it’s too hardcore but because I have stupidly weak upper-body strength and also not the best technique. I found that I had outgrown BBG1 for my legs and abs but for my arms I was still at week 1 so I kept getting stuck and starting again.

Some of the workouts in the last few weeks of round 1 and all of round 2 are quite daunting and I want to practice them before committing again. When I completed round 1 the first time I slightly changed them to suit my body but I don’t want to keep avoiding the slightly harder moves.

There is no such thing as one workout to fit all so I would recommend giving it a try! Especially if you can borrow it off a friend 🙂



I hope this helps anyone with any doubts

Cat xx


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