If you’re anything like me sometimes it can be a huge struggle to go to the gym every week; the challenge is to stay motivated.

I see beautiful girls on Instagram and they manage to workout three times a day and still fit in work, friends and any other day to day activities. HOW?!

Not only do I struggle with motivation but I get quite bad anxiety. When I am struggling with it, the thought of going to the gym makes me feel physically sick – I can’t explain why 😦

How do I overcome this?

  1. Find something I enjoy ❤

This is really important to my motivation. When I am struggling I think about something I WANT to do. Rather than going to the gym to punish myself, I find something I love ❤This can be anything depending on my mood, it has ranged through the following

  • Classes – spinning, zumba, HIIT – whatever takes my fancy
  • Cardio – I really enjoy it so sometimes I’ll go and stick to it!
  • Limit Cardio – I know it contradicts but I also have phases where the thought of running makes me want to die – so I run just to warm up then jump straight off
  • Limiting my gym time – only letting myself go for 45 minutes and then leave.
  • Not putting pressure on myself in the gym, take it easy. If it takes three hours then it takes three hours!
  • I found BBG (Bikini Body Guide) really helps me as I enjoy the workouts and feel like I achieve something when I complete a week.
  • Workout outside – that could be a dog walk round my favourite woods or a run in Richmond park. Doesn’t matter!

2. Allow myself to not go

I was talking about this with a girl at work the other day, I think it’s really important that you allow yourself to be lazy, not fancy it and embrace life. By doing this find that when I go back it is because I WANT to. If I force myself to go then I resent the gym, it soon becomes the enemy.

3. Gym clothes

As shallow as it may be, buying new gym clothes or gym shoes makes me want to get up and go. When I feel good in the gym it makes me workout much harder!

4. Sleep

Having enough sleep is essential to me going, if I have enough energy and wake up ready to go it makes life so much easier!

5. Friends 

Going with a friend can be so much fun. Me and my bff used to always go together before she ditched me for her travelling lifestyle 😦 making the workout fun and doing team sit ups etc (don’t forget a good catch up/gossip) made me want to go. Also if I didn’t she’d kill me!

6. Realistic Expectations

Stop beating yourself up. Just because you’re not a fitness public figure with your own fitness plan coming out doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. You don’t have to lift the heaviest weights everyday. You have to be happy and be you! Life really does come in the way sometimes and that’s a good thing. Count memories not calories 😉

7. Feeling good

Unless I’m feeling really down in the dumps going to the gym actually makes me feel

8. Stop worrying about other people

Who cares what they think and what they’re doing!??!?!

Cat xx




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